Video Squad “Try-Outs”

The number one trend in online marketing is video advertising. Brands and services need videos to quickly and effectively pitch their product or service in a way that motivates people to take action (buy, click, sign-up, etc).

The traditional method of creating videos is to hire a video making professional or studio to make a commercial.  Unfortunately, this type of production isn’t effective for a variety of reasons. The process is slow and cumbersome, the videos feel “fake” and “scripted”, and the costs make it impractical for consistent content creation.  In fact, after millions of views across our videos we’ve found that these style of videos do not perform. As stated earlier, these videos feel fake.

The style of videos that actually work now feel “organic”, user-generated, or focusing on social proofing. When scrolling Instagram, Facebook, or Amazon, Ads that feel like ads do not catch and hold people’s attention or instill trust the way an organic advertisement does.

So, what is an “organic” advertisement? Well, it’s basically an ad that feels user-generated. Shot and edited on the same type of device that people use to post most social media content. It’s the type of ad that your friend or family members would post when they are recommending or demonstrating a product or service that they like. Just a bit more catchy and persuasive, and engineered to make sales!

Anatomy of an effective organic video ad:

  • Quick, natural opening (catch the eye in the first tenth of a second)
  • Extremely fast transitions
  • Choppy filming, sporadic zoom features
  • Involves normal people, in normal settings (home, car, driveway, backyard/deck, school, work, etc) — not in a studio
  • Uses natural vocal talking points that don’t sound like a professional voice actor
  • Uses natural effects and text the same way you’d see on a social media post (for instance, the text bubbles on Instagram feel organic.. Vs using text that is clearly not edited in Instagram)
  • Can involve social proofing from different users in their own natural setting
  • The content feels like a recommendation “this is why me and my friends love this product”  (we aren’t selling to you, just telling you we love it)..  Vs. “these are the features, here’s why you should buy it”  (we are obviously trying to sell to you)

Ad Examples:

Below, we show some video examples that have performed very well.  They tend to depict simple user-generated content showcasing the experience, or highlighting the features in a non-salesy way. The text used is organic feeling, and it’s pretty clearly not studio generated.

See Video Examples Here

Alright, so that’s what we’re looking for.. not so hard right? Well, it seems like teenagers with iPhones can make videos like this, but professional studios cannot. That is why we are looking for people like you to create organic videos. If you can do it well, you can be part of our content team, and we will pay you cash for content. It’s that simple.

How much cash? Well.. I suppose that depends on the video, but anywhere between $50-$200 per video + free product for product videos.

Your Try-Out Submission:

Here’s the steps to become part of our video creator team:

  • Email to confirm that you want to make a sample video — we will pay $50 for your sample try-out video regardless of whether we approve you to be on our content team.
  • We send you a product for the try-out along with a simple brief of the product features and tips for how to showcase the product…which will probably be a simple household product that anyone would use.
  • You create a video influenced from our tips and examples.
    • We encourage editing in TikTok or other phone editors.. . There are online tools for downloading your own posted TikTok without the TikTok logo — 
    • Video should generally be 20-40 seconds 
    • Video can feature you, friends, whatever .. doesn’t matter – just needs to be an effective video
    • Can be shot wherever you think is appropriate. As mentioned above, everyday settings tend to feel more authentic.
    • We will provide more details in the brief that we email you back about the specific product
  • Once Done with the video, please send your video back to
  • Payment sent to you via Paypal

What you get out of joining our content team:

  1. You make money
  2. Internship credentials for your resume and career
  3. Hands-on experience with marketing in real-world applications
  4. Learn how to make videos and creatives that actually drive value
  5. Learn about eCommerce and marketing in general from established professionals in the space

How long does this opportunity last?

  • We think this is a great opportunity for students as an internship, but since we have a constant need for content, we hope to do continued work with effective content creators, potentially in an expanded role with our firm, beyond just creating content remotely.

How Do I Get Paid?

  • For the tryouts, we are paying $50, which will be sent via Paypal. For future videos, we will determine an appropriate amount of money depending on the length and difficulty of the video to produce and set the price accordingly. We believe that range will be from $50-$200, paid via Paypal. We’ve found that producing videos with this method can be done very quickly, so the hourly rate of producing videos can actually be reasonably high.

Please be sure to ask us any questions along the way, as we are happy to help!