Data Driven eCommerce

We bring an analytical approach to digital commerce

What We Do

Optim International is a diversified holding company that acquires and develops niche consumer brands focusing on direct to consumer distribution via third party marketplaces. 

The macro-economic shift from brick and mortar to digital commerce has enabled our firm to utilize open source consumer data to quickly identify and execute on high ROI product opportunities across a variety of verticals.

As traditional consumer brands have focused on brick and mortar distribution channels our organization has found tremendous opportunity to acquire brands and expand their distribution channels by focusing on direct to consumer sales via third party marketplaces.

Optim focuses on scaling our brands using a combination of innovative marketing techniques, proprietary software solutions, and data driven automation solutions. 

Once the brands held within our portfolio reach certain financial milestones we work with a variety of partners to bring the businesses to market for exit to private equity groups, strategic buyers, and other investor groups.